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MetaGen optimises the performance of companies by identifying and unleashing the potential of individuals within these companies through coaching, change management, evaluation, and assessment.

The Objective

To assist people to find meaning and purpose in their jobs and lives. This realisation and implementation of new thought patterns and behaviours could result in stronger and holistically well-balanced individuals, which could result in more top performers in the organisation. Culture changes in teams, departments and/or organisations as well as improved teamwork could be additional benefits from individuals unleashing their potential.

Benefits of Coaching

Discover purpose of individuals


Improved behaviour

Better decision making abilities

Improve focus

Improve Self Awareness

What our clients Say

“The programme allowed me to reflect on my actions, strengths, my beliefs and my management style. I enjoyed being able to share some concerns without being judged and receiving constructive feedback made me think about the matters at hand. I hated yet appreciated the “challenging” questions, forcing me to face and reflect on my views and actions. They allowed me to re-assess my actions. My new position in France and my challenges will force me to embrace and enhance what I have learnt over the past few months”

Peugeot SA

"Metagen delivered a leadership and management coaching solution for Legal Aid Board for 78 coachees nationally over a 10 month period. Key factors which influenced the selection of Metagen were the coaching methodologies, techniques applied and ability to deliver a project of magnitude at scale on a country-wide basis. Metagen has exceeded our expectations due to consistently providing an exceptional standard of coaching. Coachees have attested to their personal growth and development. Clearly negotiated time frames and deliverables were achieved diligently. Regular feedback meetings and reports were provided. I would unreservedly recommend Metagen to any potential client requiring their services”

Legal Aid Board
Head Office

"René Barnard undertook to be my business coach for 12 months in 2012. I found her approach to be very professional and structured according to my needs and with excellent results. She achieved an outcome of positive change and improvement for me in the workplace. I recommend René as a business coach in any field as she was able to tailor my coaching to the development I required in my field of telecommunications”

Vodacom SA

"I realized that often my way is not the only way, to look at other options as well! The positive response I get from management and colleagues due to my changed behaviour, has encouraged me to try harder everyday. My changed behaviour has also directly influenced the promotion that I got!”

IGT Africa

“It has been hugely beneficial to have René as my independent coach to bounce ideas off, to share frustrations and to tap for more options before making a decision”

Bidvest Corporate Services

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