additional Services

 additional services Offered by METAGEN


For Recruitment or Change Management Purposes

This assessment is done for companies to assist with their recruitment process and to identify strengths of applicants relevant to the critical success behaviours that are expected from the employees of the company. Companies also use this process to assist in moving employees around for personal development or for finding the most suitable employee for the job required.

This programme can be used as a basis for recruitment, succession planning and coaching. It is hugely beneficial for the individual, for teams and also for the company.


This programme includes facilitation of workshops, individual reports and feedback sessions. This programme is hugely beneficial for teams, departments or companies as an entity to enhance co-operation, understanding and communication within teams of people, but also amongst teams of people. Individual coaching based on the reports, are hugely beneficial for the individual but also for the company.


This is a condensed personality profile assessment. This programme can also be used as the basis for coaching sessions, leadership development, recruitment or career planning.